Class Handouts and Instructional Materials
Most (but not all) of the following files are in Adobe Acrobat format that require Adobe Reader software. Click the icon to get Acrobat Reader free directly from Adobe's web site. If you desire, you may print Acrobat-formatted documents using Adobe Reader.


File Formats in Photoshop
(pdf file)

model_guide.gif (4310 bytes)

College Model Usage Guidelines
(pdf file)

VisCom Desktop Printers

Scanning Resolutions

Scanning Tips
(pdf file)

Digital Glossary (html)

Printer Halftoning Illustration
(pdf file)

Moiré Pattern Illustration

color_wheelpg.GIF (2771 bytes)
Color Wheel
pixel_math.jpg (8508 bytes)
Pixel Math


Supported file formats test page

college_release.gif (2477 bytes)

Model Release
(pdf file)

Grading Scale
(pdf file)



Study guide for final

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