Tips for a better grade with creative assignments:

The grade assigned to creative pictures is dependent upon quality of execution, concept, and appropriateness of the picture for the assignment.

First, here's a list of things that will probably reduce your grade. They represent my pet peeves:

Read the list above, and don't do those things.

Second, you can get good ideas for your illustrations in a vacuum, but it's a lot easier if you have plenty of good examples to "borrow" from. Take a look at the student examples on my web site. Take a look at publications and sites that showcase good professional illustration (Society of Illustrators, etc.) They used to have an annual book published that highlighted the best-of-the-best and perhaps some copies are available in the library.

There are plenty of bad examples everywhere too, so choose only good examples. That requires critical judgment, but that's a good thing to have anyway.

Bill Schneider, June 5, 2007
Really grumpy after seeing some mediocre class work