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An infrared flash/film process investigated by John Bright

My HC110 developing time chart for various films
Note: some times shown were established for older versions of films, and they may have changed. Use this chart as a starting point for your own investigations. It should be accurate for 35mm Tri-X shot at ISO 200 which I use regularly. If you're not familiar with the Zone System, use the N column for your developing times. The N+ times will increase contrast for use with overcast days, etc, and the N- times will reduce negative contrast to handle high-contrast scene lighting.

My XTOL developing time
I have used XTOL only with 35mm Tri-X shot at ISO 200. The developing time that works for me is 7 minutes at 68 degrees using XTOL diluted 1:1. Note that this is SUBSTANTIALLY shorter than Kodak's recommended time.

The "Massive Dev Chart" for B/W film development times |compiled by various users|

Kodak Data Sheets for various developers (PDF)
Data sheet for Kodak D-76  - http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/j78/j78.pdf
Data sheet for Kodak XTOL - http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/j109/j109.pdf
Data sheet for Kodak HC110 -

Datasheet for Ilford Rapid Fixer (PDF)

Kodak data for Ektacolor RA color print processing

My archived notes for Platinum/Palladium printing

An informative article about washing fiber-based printing papers

My timer, safelights, and easels

Making Cyanotypes

Old photos of color print processing using Beseler Two-Step chemicals

Miscellaneous Research and Tidbits

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