Digital Imaging Spring Quarter 2012
  • VICO 371/571  Class number 8748-100/8860-100 10-12 MW Seigfred 303
  • VICO 371  Class number 8751-101 1-3 TTh Seigfred 303

Instructor Bill Schneider, office 301G Seigfred Hall

Class Description: This class will use the computer to create and manipulate images. Through digital photography or the use of high-quality film, flatbed scanners, or your own digital pictures, students will create further work in Adobe's Photoshop and other related programs. Vector illustrations may be imported from Freehand, Illustrator, or CorelDraw or other programs to be further modified or combined with photographs. Topics to be covered range from simple tone corrections of scanned photographs through creating advanced composite images.

Attendance Policy: You are expected to attend each lecture and lateness is considered an absence. In most cases, you are permitted 2 absences to accommodate sickness or family emergency before deductions are taken from your final grade. There may be exemptions to the above policy, but they need to be addressed beforehand.

Grading: A grade will be given for each assignment based on how well the submitted work met the goals of the assignment. In addition to a final examination (and for graduate student sections, a research project), two types of image-making assignments are given in this class — Creative Assignments and Technical Exercises.

Creative Assignments: Letter grades will be given for each creative assignment undertaken. Grades will be assigned based upon the instructors opinion of suitability, concept, originality and technical execution of the work. The creative assignments count for 90% (80% for graduate students) of the final score. Portfolio quality pictures are expected for all creative assignments. Please follow the model usage guidelines (separate handout) when photographing another student in a private setting - especially if nudity is involved.
NOTE: Assignments completed from clipart or copyright-free artwork will be assigned MUCH lower grades than assignments using your own original content, especially if it is a large portion of the work. Cartoon drawings, unless of exceptionally high caliber, will be also assigned lower grades.
All content (scans, photos, etc.) that comprise your creative assignments must be submitted in an "assets" folder with your name on it when the creative assignments are due.

Technical Exercises: Some assignments will be technical exercises only, and the score given will be a "credit" for satisfactory completion of the task. IMPORTANT NOTE: Each component of the technical exercises is a required assignment. Failure to satisfactorily complete them lowers your overall final grade by 1/3 letter for each one.

Tests: Tests and quizzes comprise 10% of the final score.

Research project (for graduate students only): A small research project about some aspect of digital imaging counts for 10% of the final score. See my web site ( or ask for more details.

Your final grade reflects a weighted average of the creative assignment and test scores less any deductions for unsatisfactory technical assignments, excessive absence, or lack of participation. All assignments should be turned in on time to be counted toward your grade. Any remakes must be submitted on or before the last day of this class to be counted.

Plagiarism: Scanning, downloading, or unauthorized use of copyrighted work (including pictures) for creative assignments will be considered plagiarism and you will receive a failing grade for the entire class. In addition, any suspected plagiarism will be referred to the office of judiciaries for further action. Create your own content!

Pictures from Other Classes: While you may draw upon your own "file photographs" and illustrations that you have made for other classes, please don't submit nearly the same artwork to satisfy both classes. What is permitted is to use the photo or illustration as a point of departure for digital illustrations that incorporate them. If a picture is not much altered from work submitted in a concurrent or past class, you will be not be given credit for it.

Participation: You should participate in the group critiques of assignment work for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of others in the class. Your ideas are welcome, and active learning enriches your own understanding of this new working medium. Not participating in the discussions, working on assignments during lectures and critiques, reading email, texting, or surfing the internet during class time is considered lack of participation. Lack of participation may lower your final grade up to 2/3 letter grade at the instructor's discretion.

Book (Optional): My web site may serve as a text for the class. It is found at: There are many texts concerning Photoshop beside my web site, so if you need, select one. For retouching, Ctein, and Katrin Eismann & Wayne Palmer are authors with good books. For photographers, Martin Evening is a reputable author. For retouching video in Photoshop, Gary David Bouton's book is a good choice.

Office Hours: For meetings with me, please schedule an appointment. My office hours will be MW 1:30-2:30 and TTh 10-11:30, but please schedule first. If there are no scheduled appointments, I may elect to do research instead. Please limit appointment requests made via email to regular business hours. Make sure that you check your university email account for class announcements. Email forwarded to another account is not always reliable (might be considered as "spam", etc.)


Summary of Assignment Deadlines:

April 13 Technical Exercises 1

April 20

Technical Exercises 2
 April 26 TTh Class
May 2 MW Class
Creative Assignment 1
April 27   Technical Exercises 3
May 4 Technical Exercises 4 & Technical Exercise 5
May 10 TTh Class
 May 16 MW Class
Creative Assignment 2
May 11 Technical Exercises 6
May 11 Grad student research topic ideas due (graduate students only)
May 18   Technical Exercises 7
May 25   Technical Exercises 8
May 29 TTh Class
May 30 MW Class
Creative Assignment 3
June 1   Technical Exercises 9
June 2 (Last Day of Classes) All missing, incomplete, remade work is due by midnight.
June 5 @ 10:10 a.m. (MW Class)
June 7 @ 12:20 a.m. (TTh Class
Final Exam, Grad student research, and Creative Assignments 4 & 5

Note: The instructor may change or modify the class assignments or due dates to best suite class progress, emergencies, outbreaks of influenza, etc. These changes will be announced in class and/or placed on the web site.

NOTE: Three dates will affect the MW class in Spring 2012 - The Schuneman Seminar on Wednesday April 11 (Baker Center Theater), VisCom Day presentations Monday April 30th, and the Memorial day holiday. Except for the Memorial Day holiday, attendance is expected at the other two events during the class meeting time.

Tips for a better grade are placed on the website.