Kodak D-72 Print Developer

  Metric   Spoons and Ounces
Water (125 deg. F) 500 ml. 16 oz.
Metol (or "Elon") 3 gm. 1 teaspoon
Sodium sulfite, anhydrous 45 gm. 2 tablespoons
Hydroquinone 12 gm. 1
tablespoon plus
Sodium carbonate, monohydrated 80 gm. 4
tablespoons plus
Potassium bromide, anhydrous 2 gm. 1/2 teaspoon
Cold water to make 1 liter 1 quart


Dilute 1 part D-72 to 2 parts water for use. This formula makes a print developer similar to Dektol. Be sure to mix chemicals in the order listed. Metol doesn't dissolve readily if other chemicals are already present.

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