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Additional Skating Video and Pictures


My Own Skating:

Note: I've found that large videos play better if you first save them to your computer, then play them. On a PC, right click and choose "Save Target as...".

Mac users: You might have to download additional video codecs to display file formats like AVI files,etc. One download recommended to me is Flip4Mac. We use it in our Macintosh teaching labs to enable QuickTime to display more video file formats.

corel_book_santa.html html page A book author has a little fun with the Santa spiral picture taken of me earlier.
pic_spin_09.avi - 1.1MB video A reasonable spin on PIC inline skates, summer 2009
skating_dows_june09-004p.avi video Double-three turns on PIC inline skates, summer 2009
bs_santa_spiral_sml.jpg - 117k JPG photo A seasonal photo of me taken 12-2007 by a friend (thanks, Carole!). Ho ho ho!
spin_tracing_3-5-2007.jpg - 105k JPG photo I'm getting better. This tracing shows that I was fairly centered for most of the revolutions. Added 3-10-2007.
waltz_jump-edit.avi - 3.8MB video A waltz jump with some flourishes at the end. Added 3/5/2007.
sitspn_2_2007.mpg - 1.3MB video A sitspin - rough (sigh), but getting there. Added 2/9/2007
dbl_3_brackets_02.avi - 888k video On the right foot, double threes then a change edge to a series of brackets. I'm not looking down - really! Added 12/21/2006
spin_w_camera.avi - 4 MB video I took my camera for a spin - nuff' said. Added 12/4/2006
forwd_prw_stroke.avi - 10 MB video The Adult Bronze/Pre-Juvenile move called Forward Perimeter Power Crossover Stroking from a skater's perspective (camera in hand). Added 12/4/2006.
choc_brkts.avi - 7.2 MB video Fooling around with some interesting turns including a choctaw, brackets and Mohawks. Added 12/4/2006.
ho-ho-06-sml.jpg - 102k JPG photo OK, just for fun once again. A seasonal photo of me taken by a friend on 11/18/2006.
oxbow-brackets.avi - 2.3 MB video Another "stupid trick". Starting with a right front inside bracket, glide a bit, change edge, step to the left edge, do a left inside bracket, change edge, etc. The tracing on ice looks like an oxbow. Added 11/15/2006.
arms-in-back-spin003.avi - 5.2 MB video A "stupid trick". Entering, spinning, and exiting a spin with my arms behind my back. Just for fun. I traveled a little during the spin - what else is new? Added 11/11/2006.
bracket2b_2006.wmv - 928k video Two RFI brackets done with proper check and at figures speed. The check of the second bracket was held a little better than the first. Added 10/2006
bracket_practice.avi - 10MB video Sometimes quick repetition (and lots of reps) helps me learn new skills. I overlook proper form for a while while learning. This video shows something I tried to improve my weak LFO bracket. Steps are LFO bracket, LBI bracket, step to RFI and bracket, RBO bracket and then repeat. This is a BIG 10MB video! Added 10/2006.
bracket_tracing_2004.jpg - 85k JPG photo Tracings on ice of a series of brackets done on a straight line like those shown in the video below named The tracing is not perfect - the back bracket isn't symmetrical.
vulture-lamp4sm.jpg JPG photo You know you have to be careful when you pull up to the rink and buzzards are waiting in the parking lot.
bracket-fst.mpg - 8MB
bracket-fst.wmv - 1MB
video A bracket done on a CCW lobe -- one small part of the bracket pattern done in intermediate and adult gold moves. I tried for speed with this one. Two video formats available with the mpg movie obviously larger. 1/2006
silver-moves-patch-sm.jpg - 90k JPG photo My silver moves patch earned in January 2006
skate_padding.jpg JPG photo New skate padding on the toungues of my Riedell Gold Stars. When the padding on my boots broke down, I had them relined by Cooke's Skate Supply in Massachusetts. For relining the tongues, coating the soles with epoxy for waterproofing, and a sharpening the cost was just under $100. Cooke's does nice work.
bronze-moves-patch_sml.jpg - 94k JPG photo My Bronze Moves patch earned on 1/9/2005 at a Columbus Figure Skating Club test session.
bill_spiral2.jpg - 49k JPG photo Spiral photo made one month after the video below showing improved extension. - 958k video Short video of a straight-line spiral made 12/2004
pre-bronze-patch.jpg - 96k JPG photo My Pre-Bronze Moves patch earned on 12/21/2004 at a Columbus Figure Skating Club test session. - 2MB video This video shows straight-line bracket-3-bracket turns. I'm a little "floppy" doing these, especially the first one of the series - Quicktime video. 12/2003 - 1.8MB video This video shows a 3-bracket-3 on the lobe that I usually do for the consecutive threes in the Adult Pre-Bronze test. These are sloppy (my free foot isn't neatly tucked, etc), but practicing these makes the consecutive threes on the test seem much easier. You HAVE to check and you MUST have your weight over the skating foot to be able to do them at all - Quicktime video. 12/2003 - 1.5MB video This video is of me just clowning around with edges and turns. It's a glide on an RFO edge, change edge to RFI, RFO rocker, RBO counter to RFO edge, RFO 3, change foot and push, and a mohawk to glide out of the frame. Wish I could do this stuff on my left foot too! - Quicktime video. 12/2003 - 1.7MB video Turning-threes (or twizzles) are commonly seen in skating. They are traveling turns from front-to-back-to-front, etc. on one foot. This video shows how extending the free leg and the arms once per revolution can pause the turning rate for a special effect, then a pull-in once again can return the rotational rate. I need work on leg extension and arm placement, but you get the idea. It feels very cool to do! - Quicktime video. 12/2003
bill_halloween_sml.jpg - 82k JPG photo OK, sometimes I skate just for fun. Here's a Halloween 2003 picture of me skating in costume.
bevel_boot.jpg - 14k JPG photo Photo of the blade mounting area of my Riedell Goldstar boots (purchased June 2002) showing how I use rtv silicone sealant to waterproof the joint. The picture also shows the wear on the outside of my sole from contact with the ice during edging.
ripped_pants.jpg - 41k JPG photo Photo showing how I sometimes rip through my trousers when the blade snags them. This usually has "impact" on my skating when I can't get the blade back out of the rip fast enough!


The Skating of Others:

jerry_juggling1.jpg - 74k JPEG photo I met Jerry at the Dispatch Ice Haus in Columbus, Ohio during a very empty public session. He juggled balls and sometimes plastic "bowling pins" the entire time he skated. Because it's a time of soaring gasoline prices, we shared stories of taking trains in Europe - something not readily available here in the US. Added 5/30/2008
opening_art.jpg - 69k JPEG photo A "arty" photo made during our season ending skate show depicting fresh ice and a pair of blades making interesting tracings. Added 4/17/2008
phil_fly1_sml.jpg - 114k JPEG photo Phil, currently a coach here at Bird Arena, performs a spectacular flying entrance to a spin. Picture taken 11/17/2006, added 3/3/2008.
phil_hockey_spin.avi - 3.2MB video One of the coaches attempts a spin while wearing hockey skates. I need to get a video of him doing 3-turns in them too. Added 2-27-2008.
aubrey_pigtails_sml.jpg - 79k JPG photo Sometimes when the photo gods smile, I take a photo that captures the right moment. Look at the pigtails flying on this little girl photographed during the skating competition at Bird Arena 3-3-2007.
synchro_13sm.jpg - 99k JPG photo The Ohio University synchro team practices before the 2006 ice show.
Ice Show 2006 pix hosted on Shutterfly - external link JPGs The 2006 spring ice show photos. I take photos (together with another photographer) of club competitions and shows to raise money for the skating club. Shutterfly's Pro service handles credit card transactions and prints/mails the photos to parents, etc.
carole_bluesm.jpg - 50k JPG photo A friend poses in a costume she will wear in the 2006 annual ice show.
shoot_the_moon.html html page A novel move similar to a hydroblade. The web page shows the sequence of steps in the move.
figure-skating_insure_ad.mpeg - 5MB video You've got to see this! A hilarious insurance ad featuring a male figure skater.
jive_wail.jpg - 100k JPG photo A number performed at the annual Skate for Hope charity skate show in Columbus, Ohio each June.  In addition to local skaters who performed, headliners for 2005 included Alissa Czisny, Emily Hughes, Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin, and more.
carol-bw1.jpg - 75k JPG Photo A friend performs during the Spring 2004 skate show.
moves-test-03.jpg - 80k JPG photo A skater's father watches his daughter perform her Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field test in December 2003 in Columbus Ohio.
annie5_sml.jpg - 56k JPG photo Imagine if you had this coach daily. More nonsense from Halloween (yes, we do have fun!) 11/1/2003
nadia_dance_3-07ed.avi - 5.7MB video Coach Nadia after several laps of a dance. She was tired and making mistakes, but it still looks great to my eyes. Added 3-10-2007 - 9MB video Coach Nadia performs two versions of the Canasta Tango - 1.6MB video Coach Nadia does a step sequence from the Quickstep ice dance
emilysk8-2002a.jpg - 28k JPG photo A fellow skater performing a "surreal" spin. The picture was created as an exercise in Photoshop to teach an illustration technique to students. - 2.3MB video My 2003 coach demonstrating the quick-bracket move - Quicktime movie
nadia_chacha.MOV - 7.8MB video My 2003 coach demonstrating the Cha Cha ice dance steps - Quicktime video.
skating-competition-12_14_2.jpg - 31k JPG photo A skater at the 2002 Columbus FSC Holiday competition performs a spin in front of the judges. Columbus, Ohio 12/14/2002.
scott_on_ice.jpg - 26k JPG photo My coach from 2001-2003 show off his new Klingbeil skates.
A talented Bill Schneider - link obsolete external link Web page of another Bill Schneider who skated in the 70's Nationals. Wish I could skate that well!


Other semi-useful things

bird_arena.html html page My home rink - Bird Arena. Added 12/28/2006
flying.html JPG scans A whimsical comparison of skating to flying.
skating_forces.html JPG scans Scans of equations that provide the answer to how much you weigh when leaning at a forty-five degree angle.
chiller_north JPG gallery Pictures of the newest rink in the Columbus, Ohio area. I skate there in summer although it's almost 100 miles from home.
dance_diags_lam.jpg - 66k JPG photo A picture of how I laminate dance patterns and attach them to a lanyard for use in the rink.

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