Super D-76

Kodak D-76 developer ages somewhat un-gracefully. It rapidly gains in pH in the early stages of oxidation, causing increased contrast and grain in the negative. Other developers, normally less able than D-76, have a longer storage life. If you use D-76 only occasionally and wish to extend its life, add the following chemicals to the one gallon size of off-the-shelf Kodak D-76 mix. They act as a preservative.

This is an older formula and the availability of the chemicals should be researched. You may wish to contact Photographer's Formulary to see if they carry them.

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Condon MT 59826
FAX 406-754-2896

  Metric Measurements
Borax 24 gm.
Boric Acid 32 gm.
Kodak Antical No. 3 (DPTA) 4 gm.

Other size packages of D-76 require correspondingly different chemical quantities.

***Note*** If you would like to use this modification, then be sure to run your film speed and developing time tests with the new developer. Don’t test with one developer, then switch to another without testing. This formula may change the pH of the developer slightly, based on minerals present in the tap water.

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