VICO 222

Introduction to Visual Communication Tools - 4 hours credit

NOTE: These notes are now obsolete because the class is now digital.

Prereq: VICO 120 or Permission

$15 Special fee

A foundation class in the basic photographic tools and techniques used for visual communication. The course will examine methods for effective communication using photography as a language. Students will be required to have a 35mm camera with manual exposure and focus capabilities.

Course content includes creative use of camera controls, b/w darkroom practices, and class critiques of assignment photographs

Other information:

  • View Class Assignments
  • View a List of Materials and Costs
  • Map to Columbus Photo Resources
  • Dealers of Photo Equipment and Supplies
  • Camera Repairs
  • Class Handouts in Adobe Acrobat format
  • List of Film/Developer Combinations
  • Common Darkroom film/printing problems and causes
  • Kodak Darkroom Tips and Information
  • Kodak film info including times and temperatures for B/W film developing
  • Model Release short form (pdf file)
  • Research and tidbits
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