Installation of a Radio Shack outdoor FM antenna

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The coax, antenna rotator cable, and the antenna ground wire are dropped in the narrow space between the downspout and the side of the chimney. I used a RS gounding block at the bottom of the drop, then ran the coax and rotator cable through conduit to the entrance point.

The conduit elbow box was attached to the side of the house by drilling a hole through the wall, and merely threading a short pipe nipple into the wall. Using a bead of sealant for waterproofing, I then threaded the box onto the other end of the pipe nipple. It's nice and tight, and was simple to do.

Inside the conduit elbow box is a lightning arrestor - an Altelicon AL-FFFF gas discharge unit.

Required by code is a buried  65' run of # 6 copper wire to connect the antenna grounding rod (seen lower right in the picture) to the electrical service grounding rod. I've got a fortune invested in copper!