Summary of Assignment Deadlines:

Meeting 4 Class Prep #1 assignment
Meeting 6 Class Prep #2 assignment
Jan 27   Technical Exercises 1
Feb 3   Technical Exercises 2
Feb 10   Technical Exercises 3
TTh class Feb 14
MW Class Feb 17
  Creative Assignment 1 files due on server at 7pm
Due on Critique Day   Class Prep #3 assignment crit #1 sheets
Feb 17   Technical Exercises 4
Feb 24   Technical Exercises 5
Mar 17 Technical Exercises 6
TTh Class Mar 14
MW Class Mar 17
Creative Assignment 2 files due on server at 7pm, print due on crit day
Due on Critique Day Class Prep #4 assignment crit #2 sheets
Mar 24   Technical Exercises 7
MW Class Apr 3
TTh Class Apr 6
Creative Assignment 3; file & print due on crit day
Apr 7   Technical Exercises 8 & Technical Exercises 9
Apr 14   Technical Exercise 10
MW Class Apr 17
TTh Class Apr 20
  Creative Assignment 4 file & print due at start of class.
Apr 22 @ midnight Any eligible missing, incomplete, remade work is due by midnight.
TTh Class Apr 25 @ 12:20
MW Class Apr 26 @ 12:20
Final Exam, Grad student research, and Creative Assignment 5

Note: The Schuneman Symposium is scheduled for March 28 & 29. Depending on what topics and which times are scheduled, and you might be asked to attend the symposium instead of the class.

Red text = revised dates due to unforeseen interruptions to the schedule implemented as needed.

The deadline for any assignment remake is 3 weeks from the original deadline. For example, if Jan 27 is the deadline for Technical Exercise 1, then any remakes for that assignment must be submitted by February 17 which is the third Friday from the original deadline. You may submit remade assignments up to midnight on the day that it is due. However if assignment work was not submitted by its original deadline, no remakes will be accepted and the assignment score remains zero forever.

The instructor may change or modify the class assignments or due dates to best suite class progress, emergencies, outbreaks of influenza, etc. These changes will be announced in class and/or placed on the web site.

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