Summary of Assignment Deadlines: (Obsolete  - for old quarter-system class)

April 13 Technical Exercises 1

April 20

Technical Exercises 2
 April 26 TTh Class
May 2 MW Class
Creative Assignment 1
April 27   Technical Exercises 3
May 4 Technical Exercises 4 & Technical Exercise 5
May 10 TTh Class
 May 16 MW Class
Creative Assignment 2
May 11 Technical Exercises 6
May 11 Grad student research topic ideas due (graduate students only)
May 18   Technical Exercises 7
May 25   Technical Exercises 8
May 29 TTh Class
May 30 MW Class
Creative Assignment 3
June 1   Technical Exercises 9
June 2 (Last Day of Classes) All missing, incomplete, remade work is due by midnight.
June 5 @ 10:10 a.m. (MW Class)
June 7 @ 12:20 a.m. (TTh Class
Final Exam, Grad student research, and Creative Assignments 4 & 5

Note: The instructor may change or modify the class assignments or due dates to best suite class progress, emergencies, outbreaks of influenza, etc. These changes will be announced in class and/or placed on the web site.

NOTE: Three dates will affect the MW class in Spring 2012 - The Schuneman Symposium on Wednesday April 11 (Baker Center Theater), VisCom Day presentations Monday April 30th, and the Memorial day holiday. Except for the Memorial Day holiday, attendance is expected at the other two events during the class meeting time.

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